Please, step into my nurfice.

It’s an update on the Nurfice, folks!  For those who are just joining us, (I think) I made up a term called the nurfice– for all intents and purposes, it is a room devoted to the despot and his nerdy dad.  Oh, wait, maybe we should call it the Ner-fice?  I’ll put it to a vote later.

On a serious note though, we decided when we moved that an office was important for us to keep. We used to have a dedicated office in our sunroom. It was awesome. But we don’t have that luxury of space in our new place, so we had to come to some tough decisions.

We had to weigh our options with our current needs.  Being that the despot is a mere 5 and half months old, he doesn’t need too much space, and generally wherever I need to be, he will be as well. So a dedicated playroom isn’t necessary at this point.  But an office with file cabinets where we keep important paperwork and hide the scary bills? Where my husband can work well into the wee hours of the morning? Tres importante, folks.  After all, he keeps us in Ikea, so we have to make a spot for him to do all his pencil pushing. Just kidding, babe.

Upon arrival, this is what this space looked like:


And then the movers came:

The giraffe looks like he wants to escape. I remember feeling the same way.

And I had a nervous breakdown, Kase and I had a bad fight (about where to put the towels, natch), and I decided to never enter this room again.  Oh, but the despot needed a place for all his (annoying) toys. So here we are.  Please, come into my nurfice:



Where the big guy does the pencil pushing.

Where the little dude does his Johnny Jumping...

Where D.C. meets Boston....

The Nurfice. Despot approved.

We have all the elements we need- a desk with storage, our computer, a four foot giraffe, lots of stuffies, our books and a doorway for our Johnny Jump Up.  We are still mastering our jumping skills (Colin), but in the meantime, we love to look at our map and learn about countries we never heard of (me), and of course,  push our pencils (Kase) all in the same room together. Say it with me: Nurfice.

*PS- Excuse the weird lighting- these shots were taken throughout the day- the despot was being extra despot-y which makes staging a photo shoot tough.


4 thoughts on “Please, step into my nurfice.

  1. It looks really really good! I’m a big fan of the big map and the lil kiddo library. And I just bought a johnny jumper. It takes me 26 minutes to get him in and out of it but for the 30 seconds it entertains him, toooootally worth it.

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