Girl, you’ve got to hide your life away…

(That’s a little riff on Eddie Vedder, but moving right along…)

Our new bookcases are making me way happy.  Wanna know why? Other than being pretty darn good looking, they are helping to make my life easier.

For one, they are helping me get out the door about 30 seconds faster in the mornings, which is important when I am trying to make a class at the gym which starts in the next 5 minutes.  Wanna see how?

It’s my “gettin’ out the door” bookshelf.  I’ve got a little bit of everything there that I need at the last minute.  And since we now occupy two floors, it makes my life that much easier when I have a screaming despot overheating in his stroller.  Did I mention that’s my favorite part of the day? I’ll break it down for you:

On the top shelf, we have a little white bowl- if you like it, it’s the “swoop” bowl from Crate and Barrel.  I just saw it in the store and grabbed it and it turns out, it’s the perfect little bowl to hold our keys. Since a certain husband is always every so often misplaces his keys, this has been a lifesaver for the both of us.

Below that shelf, we have the covered portion of our bookshelves.  This is where I hide our “crap”, as I like to refer to it.  That’s a technical term, too, by the way.  We’ve got a glass cube which is currently holding change, our mail (read: both outgoing and incoming bills), and another little serving dish from the C&B to hold miscellaneous items like work badges, lip balm, mints and other crap. On the shelf below that, I’ve got two canvas totes with all our winter gear like scarves, gloves and hats.  And some animal items, like Ninja’s pilgrim hat which he breaks out on Thanksgiving.  And then below that, I have the shoes I use the most- my sneaks, Uggs and my leather boots. I keep my rain boots next to the bookshelf in a basket.  I got this idea from a Martha Stewart Living Magazine where they referred to it as a “boot tray”.  True story- I looked at the sources page. May I just say: It’s a basket people. Get over yourself Martha.  (oooh, that reminds me- when does my Martha Stewart Living subscription begin? I really love that mag.)

But I’m not the only one that needs to be organized- oh no.  The despot is true to his title when it comes to his own items being accessible. Mama can’t be running up and down the stairs to the Nurfice when the tiny tyrant requires some entertainment. So Colin has his own bookshelf. See?

Okay, I’ll be honest. He only has this because my fat patootie is too lazy to go up and down the stairs for things like diapers, wipes and toys.  So little dude gets his own spot.  But it makes my life easier as I run out the door in the odd event I forgot to replenish the diaper bag. Which is every time. Or if he needs a hat, I can grab one right in the basket there.  Or a blanket- same deal. Easy peasy.  Gotta love that.

The only thing left to do is hang a mirror just above the “boot tray”- Ain’t nothing I love more than checking out my fine self in the mirror. For spit up stains.  And crap in my teeth. But it will finish off the “jumping off point”.

So I’ll grab what I need and I get to stepping, just like so:

**PS- That’s my Old Navy purse hanging there. Loving it. Both as a purse and the occasional diaper bag.


15 thoughts on “Girl, you’ve got to hide your life away…

    • Hi Julie!
      Thanks for checking out my blog- the units are from Ikea- the Billy bookcase if you are interested. There is a link to the site over on the Sources page.

    • Hi Katherine! The bookshelves are the Billy Bookshelves from Ikea- the doors are the Olsbo doors. You can find links over on the Sources page. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    • Hi Keelin! Welcome! The bookshelves are my favorites- Billy bookshelves by Ikea. Super affordable and so many ways to use them! The office desk is from Pottery Barn. I have links to each item on the sources page- check it out if you have time and thanks for stopping by!

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  2. I followed your over from I Heart Organizing, and I ❤ this idea! so great I've been toying with the idea of bookshelves/storage for our living room/entry as well….hope you dont mind, I'm going to be saving this in my tearsheet file to been done 🙂 Thanks so much!

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  4. I too came over from I Heart Organizing. Your LR looks great!
    I wonder if this would work in our bedroom, which has become a drop off spot for everything that has no home.

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