A living room worth living in….

Well we worked our behinds off (well, Kase did. I supervised the despot), spent Saturday building Ikea furniture, spent Sunday returning to Ikea to obtain some essential missing hardware, and we finally got it done.  The living room is finally a room in which I want to live. And actually enjoy.  I used to only like the fireplace. Now I like it all.

I think we came up with a pretty smart solution for such a tiny space. Here’s a “before” pic to remind you of just how crowded this space can look with all of our living/dining furniture when we first moved in (excuse the lighting):



We had a couple of obstacles to deal with here.  First was our furniture and how to make it all work.  We had both living and dining furniture in a space with a chandelier which teased us “of course you can have a dining room! Look, I’m a chandelier!”. That chandelier is a bold faced liar.

I’ll break it down for you: we tried every possible furniture arrangement that this space would allow.  We moved the couch to face the windows.  We moved the couch in front of the windows.  We moved the couch back to its original position (as seen above).  Still no room for a dining room, let alone the table. Well, that’s not true. In the photo above, the table is pushed so far to the side, you basically could only sit on one side of it. And even that was tight.  So we dismantled the table and went without a table for a few days.

Which totally didn’t work for us.  We didn’t use our table often in the condo since we had an island and bar area.  But now we had neither.  We needed somewhere to eat- I mean, we’re adults.  Not barnyard animals. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat the occasional meal from the couch, but only by my choosing.

So we picked up a drop leaf table from the Crate and Barrel store here.  It has console table measurements when not extended, which works perfectly behind our couch. But that still left an entire open wall without a thing on it.  In fact, it was the only open wall in the living room and I was not about to waste it.  We certainly couldn’t use it for our existing furniture, and we also realized we had no storage, which we sorely needed.  So we decided to go with the tried and true, the familiar and friendly Billy Bookcase.  And it all came together last night. Here’s a little play by play for ya:


I believe the little man in the upper left corner is perusing his local take out menu. Ourselves? We chose pizza.

Hands off ladies. He's mine.

Instruction manuals are for losers.

Ta da!

This morning, I took some “after” shots so that we can compare when we first moved to now. Quite an improvement I should say.  Behold!



I am loving the space now. Not only is it much more functional, but also more open and inviting. Most important of all though?  It is Despot approved.

**PS- I have updated the source page to include the living room. Check it out!


5 thoughts on “A living room worth living in….

    • Hi Amanda!

      Yes, the bookshelves are attached to the wall with L-Brackets. I’ve got a post coming up detailing our baby-proofing adventures, which, it seems, include attaching every piece of standing furniture to a wall. Not great for someone who likes to rearrange often! 😉

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