Mama Must Haves- Home Edition

And it’s back!  A new Mama Must Haves post dedicated to, wait for it, cleaning! More specifically, keeping your home so fresh and so clean, clean, and keeping your fine self clean and smelling like roses. Well, maybe not roses, as I really hate that smell. Reminds me of scary grandmas. Not my own, mind you. They were lovely as can be.  Shall we get started?

Caldrea Kitchen Caddy



Oooh, girlfriends (and boyfriends).  This is my new fave. Every time I use my little kitchen caddy of assorted cleaners and soaps I just get happy.  I bought this puppy at Target back before we moved. It has the essentials that I use Dish soap. hand soap and counter cleaner.  Done, done and done.  More than that, I knew I would need the extra space under the sink previously devoted to cleansers of every type and brand.  But in Boston?  That space is devoted to dog food, trash bags and well, garbage.  I don’t love “clutter” on my counters, but this is the exception. Wanna know why? First, this stuff just looks nice.  It is in a little chrome caddy and takes up a very small amount of space.  Second, this stuff just smells goooooood.  I have the olive oil scent and let me tell you, Caldrea could bottle it up and sell it to me as perfume and I would wear it.  My kitchen gets to smell pretty, why can’t I? Stupid kitchen.

Go to Target today and snatch one up for yourself. Your kitchen will thank you. You can thank me later. Preferably with a gift basket of Caldrea.

Williams Sonoma Hand Soaps

Thirty bones and totally worth it.


Again, when you move into a new place, it’s tough to make it feel like home.  Especially when you don’t have soap in the bathrooms to wash your hands. On our first day in Boston, Kase and I trudged through the snow over to the Williams Sonoma and plucked down thirty big ones on hand soap. Ridiculous?  I don’t think so.  We bought the Fleur de Sel scent, and that stuff will keep you going back to wash your hands over and over. Which I do a lot. What? I don’t have OCD.  I change a lot of diapers.  Smelly ones.  But this stuff smells and looks good. Worth the splurge if you ask me.

Bounce Dryer Sheets

Okay, just one more load.....


Did I mention my son has a lot of diaper blow outs?  Oh I did? Sorry about that. And did I mention we do a lot of laundry around these here parts?  It’s all good though, because when I open the closet door to our laundry unit, a pleasant aroma wafts out to greet me, luring me in to finish up the 12th load of the day.  And that scent?  Bounce (with Febreze) dryer sheets. There really isn’t much to say other than they smell good, but not too overpowering.  So try em.


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