Gettin’ ready for the ‘rents

When Kase and I move, we inevitably end up having some sort of shindig involving my family very soon after which serves my purposes of getting our place set up in a timely fashion.  Kase does not agree and usually ends up muttering with a Swiffer in hand about creating “false deadlines!”. To his credit, he usually is doing something annoying, like cleaning a toilet or building something manufactured by a swedish superstore in order to help me get ready, so I really can’t blame the kid.

This time is no different. My parents come to visit next weekend, so we are spending this weekend working on all the remaining projects in the apartment, like getting the living room functional, which will entail Kase, master Ikea carpenter, installing our Billy’s (love ya honey!), cleaning up the Nurfice, stashing away the despot’s growing toy collection which has spread like a fungus throughout the apartment, and finding a spot for the remaining accessories and other riff raff throughout the apartment that we have moved from place to place muttering to ourselves, “we’ll find a place for that once [fill in the blank].”  The blank has arrived.

Oh, yeah, and I probably should clean. For the first time since we moved.  With things not being in their forever home, I just haven’t felt it was “worth it yet” to clean, which, if you know me, is not normal, but hopefully by the end of the weekend everything will be in place and we can finally feel at home!  I’ll also be writing a post about getting your home guest ready in other ways, so check back Monday for the updates!


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