Sweetening the deal

My masochist trainer at the gym informed me that in order to lose those last pregnancy pounds I need to change up my diet.  That bitch.  Hate her.  What does this mean? No brownies? No hazelnut wafers?  No more pasta for dinner, but she recommends salad. Wuck??

Let me explain something: I only order salads at restaurants where they do them up fancy and add things like croutons.  But I can’t be eating out every night- the despot won’t be having that. So I needed to learn to jazz em up on my own.

Confession:  I eat salads simply for spiced pecans.  I have even tried poached pears due to my focus.  Verdict: me no likey pears.  Me lovey spiced pecans.When I peruse a menu, I look for this particular ingredient in a salad.  Doesn’t matter what else is in it.  I’ll just remove that part. Like the pears. I now remove those. Eeew.

So yesterday I got to getting domestic up in here and tackled this recipe.  It seemed the easiest out of those I found, and it was.  Go ahead and follow these simple steps to sweeten up the deal.

1. Open the awesome new Cuisinart Hand Mixer your awesome sister in law gave you for Christmas (optional- but you need a mixer).

It's like a sexy little sports car of kitchen gadgets. (thanks Ania!)

2. Whip up an egg white and a tablespoon of agua.  That’s water for you unilingual folks out there.

3.  Mix together salt, sugar and cinnamon.

4. Add pecans to frothy egg white mixture.

Mmmmm, frothy!

5. Add delicious sugar mix to pecans and coat evenly.

6. Spread onto a baking sheet and put into the oven at 250 degrees for one hour, stirring up every 15 minutes.

Nom, nom, nom!

7. Try not to eat all pecans before making salad.  This last step I add, but is definitely the hardest step of the recipe.

8. Enjoy!

I whipped up a salad and added red peppers, grape tomatoes, croutons, and of course, Perdue honey roasted short cuts.  Took a little stroll over to yummy town.  And then I ate a brownie.

Edit: For this recipe, I would cut the amount of sugar in half.  They came out way too sugary.  But waste not want not, know what I’m sayin?


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