Happy Valentines Day!

(If your name is Kase, do not read any further. Well, you shouldn’t be surfing the web anyway on your FIRST DAY! Get back to work, slacker.)

Does anyone else feel like Valentine’s Day is on steroids this year?  I definitely do.  I don’t remember another time when every.single.television.show. had a special episode devoted to Valentines Day. It is just really overwhelming this year.  Ah well.  Kase and I don’t do Valentine’s Day really, so no skin off my teeth.

However, it is my partner in crime’s first day of work today and we can’t be sure when we are gonna see his handsome mug tonight, so instead of planning a celebratory dinner, I decided to plan a dessert combining one of our new loves: the fireplace.  Say it with me peeps: S’mores!  Awwww yeah!

A little of this.....

plus this.....

Equals a trip to Yummy Town: Valentines Edition.

Did you know you can make s’mores in the fireplace? It never really dawned on me before.  Well, it did once, but it was a gas fireplace and just didn’t seem all that kosher. Definitely untasty. Turns out I am onto something. Check this out.


One thought on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. I’ve never had a fireplace so I never thought about it. But it sounds delicious. Last summer I realized I could make them under my broiler because it was 800 degrees outside and there was no way I was lighting up a fire pit. Fireplace, broiler, do it up man, that’s a perfect little monday night treat.

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