Come on baby, light my fire

Boston was pretty chilly today, I won’t lie.  The despot and I met up with some new friends today at the Museum of Fine Art and enjoyed the walk to and from, but boy, we were both pretty cold when we got home. Luckily, my hubs sweetly knew I would be wanting a fire- we did purchase a fireplace screen and poker set-thingy on clearance at Target yesterday, so it was inevitable, really.  And tonight, we made a fire.  And Kase even remembered to open the flue.  What a guy. I knew I missed having a fireplace, but it’s even better than I remembered! See?


Just a relaxing Friday night. Despot approved.

Now, we plan to enjoy the last weekend before Kase heads back to his new job. And hopefully, by next Wednesday I will be able to post some “After” pics for the main living room in our new place. Keep your fingers crossed Ikea Stoughton has gotten their act together since the last trip. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Come on baby, light my fire

  1. Hi kate,

    like your blog a lot! I’m kind of new in Boston as well and have a 8month old boy… so if you’d like we can meet at the Boston Common .


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