Nobody puts baby in the corner…

…but we sure did put him in the closet!  Yes, its true. My name is Kate and my child sleeps in a closet.

Let me explain a bit here.  We moved from our 2 bedroom condo to a smaller apartment in Boston.  We didn’t realize we were losing essential space- our sunroom played an intergral part in our old home as a home office. So we had two bedrooms and a home office. We still need a room to function as an office.  But we have a baby.  What to do?

In our new home, we have two large closets. The closet in the second bedroom, or Nurfice, as we call it,  has much needed storage space, which left us to decide if the master bedroom closet was worth a shot. With a little creative thinking and a quick call to our management office, we took down the shelving and removed the door of the master bedroom closet and created a nice cozy nook for the despot.




See?  Everything he knows and loves is still intact (save for his giraffe which is in the Nurfice).  His Sharon Montrose animal portraits still hang above him while he sleeps. His way too expensive mobile still amuses him when he wakes. We can feed and sit with him in his chair.  And you know the best part?  It’s about three steps over from where I sleep when he requires his middle of the night pacifier fix, rather than the little trek I used to take nightly at our old place.

We played around with the idea of painting it or using decorative wall decals but in the end, I like the simplicity of it- I think it keeps the space light and open.  Keeping with the light and neutral decor also means that we can easily convert this back into the closet it was intended to be when we move out.

And we aren’t the only ones who have put their baby in a closet, so we can’t take all the credit for such a brilliant idea.  Check this out.

6 thoughts on “Nobody puts baby in the corner…

  1. I haven’t let anyone besides my husband in on the gigantic (in my house) news but I’m actually switching out our nursery to the smallest room in the house. The room he’s in is so big, it doesn’t feel cozy or anything. Babies require cozy in my opinion. And that closet/room is the coziest, I love it! The simpleness is perfect. But dude, 110 bucks for a mobile? That’s insanity! Freaking adorable but insane! I’m glad I didn’t see this before I had the baby because the bird one would have been MINE.

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