For the birds: An easy DIY project.

One of my favorite sayings is “[blank] is for the birds”.  It’s old fashioned and uppity and I love it.  But that is neither here nor there.  This post is about a little DIY project I teased back in January. Or was it December?  Who knows. But here it is.

You may remember I posted about buying some white gallery frames from Pottery Barn.  They came promptly.  And I promptly put them into our storage unit with a sticky note that said “BOSTON”. Yup, I never even opened them up to make sure it was the correct order.  Luckily, it was.

In storage, I placed this little beauty with it:

Birds are soooo 2011.

And on Sunday evening, during Christina Aguilera’s mangling of our National Anthem, I got started on my little DIY project.  You can see from our bedroom photos, we have a Pottery Barn duvet and shams from last spring with a little bird theme going on.  Those birds match the ones from the calendar almost perfectly.  Did I mention I have been looking for such a calendar since I bought the stupid duvet with this project in mind? So when I popped into my favorite store back in Shirlington to buy Christmas gifts and spotted that gorgeous little number, I had to buy it.  And destroy it. Just kidding. But I did take it apart like so:

This photo is so staged. I can't cut with my left hand. Nor shoot a camera.

Then I had to take a little break to find some earplugs while Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas sang the halftime show. Atrocious. Can someone please just stop her?  Anyway, when I completed three frames, I hung my little DIY project just like so (TM: Bob Ross):

The scale is off, but I like the general look of it.  This project was NOT for the birds.  By the way, I have done this project before, with despot-approved results.  Remember this poster:

Helloo? I'm back here!

Ah, that's better.

And now for my closeup. Vogue!

For that project, I used a similar vintage inspired calendar that featured old tourism ads.  We had one for all the places we have been together: New York, Boston, Las Vegas and Washington, DC.  But the despot has always been hypnotized by the Boston poster, so we kept that one in the move. Let’s just hope he likes birds.


4 thoughts on “For the birds: An easy DIY project.

  1. I found your blog via Ohdeedoh’s post of your nursery. Do you mind sharing where you got your bedside lamps? I’ve been looking for something like this for my son’s nursery. Do you know if you can fill it with things (i.e., shells, etc..) Thanks!

    • Hi Ruthie!
      Glad you found my blog! The lamps are from….wait for it….Ikea! Along with pretty much everything else in the bedroom (and our home!). They are gorgeous and we love them! Definitely worth an Ikea “splurge” at $50 each. They come in clear glass and I think pink glass- ours are actually the green glass and another smaller size or a similar size but elongated shape. Go for it!

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