A place to rest my head….finally.

I’ve finally gotten one room under control enough to take a photo.  Are you surprised? Me too!  But not really, since I am sitting in the Nurfice with all the leftover debris scattered around me, just waiting for a home in our…new home.  This moving process has been like a bad game of musical chairs/groundhog day- every day I think I have gotten a room under sufficient control just to throw it all into disarray again.  [Frustration noises]

But enough is enough. I need a place to sleep that isn’t covered with storage boxes, laundry and miscellaneous electronics. So naturally, I dumped those in the nurfice and got to picture taking!  I even put the duvet on the bed. I know, impressive.  Though please excuse the wrinkles.  Obviously, we have been storing the clean duvet in a crumpled ball on top of our dresser.  Don’t you?

Before. So fresh, so clean, clean.

I like the roller shade the best, myself.

I bet you never thought we could fit a king size bed and three dressers in there, didja?  I think it came out alright. There is still work to be done. We were promised new wood blinds and new brushed nickel fixtures, but considering we have a garbage bag covering one of the upstairs windows right now, I am not holding my breath. Gotta love being a renter.


2 thoughts on “A place to rest my head….finally.

  1. looks amazing! it has the kate touch….which means it looks beautiful! good work…now go tackle that living room! loving the pictures!

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