Go with what you know (works)

Love your charm. Hate your layout.

Sorry about being MIA, but between getting friendly visits from the fire department and moving/shifting items around the house, I am feeling a bit like Sisyphus.  We are having quite the hell of a time sorting out just how to make our existing furniture work in our current abode.  I know I said it was smaller, but that’s just the half of it.  Let’s talk about the awkward floor plan (or let’s not. It reduces me to tears and stress headaches). I’ve never had to deal with such a thing.  With our condo, I walked in and knew essentially where everything would go.  We had one awkward space- the entry way.  We left it open and liked it that way.  That stinking entryway with its vast space for a stroller or two has proven to be a much underappreciated asset.

What we have now is the narrowest entry hallway ever.  And it opens into a small living space with a fireplace jutting out of one corner, a wall of windows you would be a fool to cover with furniture and a chandelier that fooled me into thinking you could both dine and live in such a small space.  Today, we finally called it quits with our dining room table and dismantled it.  It lies under our bed awaiting our next move to a larger home.  My motto with this new space: You can’t live with your furniture, and yet, you can’t live without it.  Stupid furniture. Guess you can’t have it all. Meaning a living room and a dining table.

But can you?  Kase wasn’t willing to compromise and offered up a plan that incorporates what we know best- Ikea Billy bookcases.  We plan to utilize the one full wall we have and just line those suckers up for storage. The despot has so many primary colored plastic toys, it is starting to look like a daycare over here.  I have to admit, it will be nice to have a little bit of our old home in our new place.  I know exactly how many toys I can hide in those things.

Now what to do for dining? Especially since the despot was given the go-ahead for real food? We found a drop leaf table at Crate and Barrel that should meet our dining needs and space restrictions.  Keep your fingers crossed that this solves our problems! It would be nice to eat at a table again.

PS- We couldn’t bring ourselves to drive to the world’s saddest Ikea again, so our lil Billy menagerie will be arriving in a couple of more weeks. I will be sure to post pics then.

PPS- Sorry for the lack of pics so far, but I have one helluva “Before and After” post coming soon. At least I hope…..


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