Boston’s bravest came over today….

So in our effort to make our home photo shoot ready (I’m really working hard on it so I can share some pics), we decided to take out some of the trash. All 18 bags.  And we promptly locked ourselves out of our new home.  Oh, and did I mention the despot was inside? And I wasn’t wearing shoes? And we weren’t on an episode of Friends?  The upside is we got to meet our neighbors across the way, learned our concierge calls it quits at 3pm on Sundays (or maybe that is just Superbowl Sunday?), and that when you call 911 it’s important to mention that the emergency is not that you locked yourself out of your apartment, but that there is a five month old inside.  Another upshot we never knew in 5 years and 7 moves?  The fire department will come with their lights and horns blazing and pick-ax their way into your home for free. Sweet.


One thought on “Boston’s bravest came over today….

  1. I did that once a few years ago in the apt you stayed in. they came with the largest truck they had and the ENTIRE crew from 28th street. they climbed up the ladders, checked to make sure it was my window and broke in. turns out, it was not my window (ooops) but my neighbors. so he had a bit of a surprise on this sunday morning.

    poor colin. at least he is still too small to be scared, it was probably just pissed.

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