The happiest place on earth….or the wettest?

We are low on storage here at Boston Casa de Despot, so we took a little trip to my equivalent of Disney- Ikea, baby!  A well deserved break from the move…or so I thought.  Take a look see at our new Ikea. Sad.

"Honey, make sure to note the aisle and bin number for the tarp."

I didn't realize Ikea sold caution tape. Can we find that downstairs in the marketplace?

That’s enough to make this girl cry.  Caution tape everywhere. Womp, womp.

In fact, where there wasn’t a leak issue, there remained a lack of motivation on this particular Ikea location. Look at this:

Caution: This room is ugly.

Rooms were just cordoned off for no apparent reason. How was I to find inspiration?!  Get it together Ikea! And to think I drove in blizzard conditions for that. Jeez.

Nevertheless, we made the most of our trip and bought some dressers for the bedroom- two shorter Malms to flank the bed, and a taller Malm for the nook in our bedroom, as well as bookshelves for the officery/nurfice. Kase is busy working on assembling our new furniture, and I’ll be sure to post when everything is complete!  But in the meantime, progress is steady.  As Phil Dunphy says on Modern Family, “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”.


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