My life in ruins….

If I could choose the most ideal way to move, it would be with a dog, a cat, a 5 month old, in a blizzard. And I would sleep on an air mattress that somehow popped overnight.  Nice, right?  I know I say it every time we move, but really, never, ever again will I move (this year). Here’s a little pictorial to set the scene.  Be back later!

Before (thanks for watching the despot, Grammy!)

After (8 hours and 106 boxes later. Not an exaggeration)



After (a bomb exploded, evidently)

We’ve moved 7 times in 5 years and we’ve learned a couple of things:

1. Always pay your movers with beer. No, just kidding.  But always pay your movers to pack you up.  It is cheaper than a divorce or marriage counseling. Trust me.

2.Our goal is always to unload all boxes and return them to the movers. It always leaves a bit of an overwhelming result at first, but at least you don’t have to break them all down and find the place to trash them. And it ensures you actually unpack immediately rather than letting your boxes sit for months and months.

3. This last move I discovered you can actually hire a company to unpack your belongings.  I suggest if you are way rich, you hire this service as well. Unfortunately, we are not rich, nor were we aware of this service. We probably dodged a bullet there.

Anyway, we are getting there, slowly but surely. It will be a process, but we will get there!


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