Still homeless… but on the move.

We’re still homeless, but the movers come Tuesday.   Here is a little sneak peak of our new Boston digs (These photos were kindly taken by our agent):

Welcome to our home! Like the view?

This was taken from the front hallway- this is our living/dining room.  Here are a couple more shots:

Yeah, we'll be using that fireplace a lot, me thinks.

Those floors won't be shiny for long....

And here is the teeny tiny galley kitchen off the living room:

Orange you glad they are repainting this wall? (sorry, couldn't resist)

(PS- my favorite part about the kitchen? The way they staged it with a colander of dry uncooked pasta with two serving spoons jammed inside. Yummy! Just like mom used to make!)

We’ll take a photo tour of the downstairs tomorrow……


One thought on “Still homeless… but on the move.

  1. I think I see a steeple out there on the horizon! Can’t wait to visit you guys. As for the staging, all that’s missing is a smiling bagel on a spring that pops and re-pops out of the toaster, over and over.

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