(Buuurrrp) ‘Scuse me.

It seems we have a bunch of friends who are pregnant. I am not about to do the math and figure out what was going on that particular weekend, but as I went through Colin’s room to prepare for our move, I took a little mental inventory of all the things he hasn’t worn, used, or liked.  Them kids are tricky!  What works for one, doesn’t work for our despot. What our despot loves, not so much for another.  So what do you do when your friends are pregnant and you need to buy them a gift they will actually use? (SPOILER ALERT!  If you are pregnant and a friend of mine, do not read any further. Or do, see what I care. This is what you’ll be getting.)

Just Plain Cute (no, that’s the name of the website, but yes, they are):

Aren’t they adorbs?  And you actually use them! Miracle of miracles!  My sister-in-law gave two of these monogrammed beauties to us for Colin’s shower.  I though at the time, “oh those are cute, but really, any regular burp cloth is fine”.  But I was wrong. And when I am wrong, I can admit it. Reluctantly. A few months later.

These are the softest little cloths, and always the first ones I go to in the drawer.  And I always take these along when we are traveling, just in case there are multiple babies and my burp cloth goes-a-missing.  This actually happens.  But since this one has a cute little ribbon along the top and bottom, I can spot it really quickly.  Plus, it’s monogrammed. I don’t know if it’s the narcissist in me, but I love to stamp my name on just about everything. It’s why I own a label maker. Now the despot gets to share the fun.

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