Creating your own kiddo library

If you’ve seen the photos of our nursery (being dismantled as I type….), then you saw we created a little reading library of sorts for Colin.  I like how it fills the space but also creates an artistic element to the wall as well. It appears this is becoming a popular trend- check our some of the awesome libraries over at (kid sister to Apartment Therapy, and a site I obsessed over while preggo).

Take a look, it's in a book......

Lamar Burton would be so proud, right?  Obviously, we love this idea. If you are interested, we looked all over for picture ledges to create the kind of reading rack look we were going for. I looked at Pottery Barn Kids at this, but wanted something I could wall mount and that would be more open:

Focusing my search on picture ledges, I looked at the regular Joe Pottery Barn for these in white:

Now you know I love me some PB, but I couldn’t stomach the price, especially since they didn’t come in the length I was hoping for. I would have needed to double my order. Balls!

But as you know, when I have an idea, I am like a dog with a bone. I wasn’t about to give up. I had a vision.  And lo and behold, I found them at where else? Ikea, and for cheap!  They were the perfect length and finish as well. And for a fraction of the price, even Kase was willing to travel to the happiest place on Earth (for me, anyway).  Check em out in action (I can’t locate them on the Ikea site, but trust me, they are there, and about $10 each):

Now mind you, that was taken B.C.: Before Colin. So things have gotten a lot busier on those shelves, but they are really great. I think in the new place, we will duplicate this in the Nurfice, but maybe go with one more shelf?  I think more is more in this case.

One thought on “Creating your own kiddo library

  1. We have the PBK one (in white, like you have shown) in William’s room and love it. We have it anchored to the wall and he loves to walk up and pick out his books before bed. I highly recommend it! Good luck today…MOVERS!

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