Pant(r)y Raid: Update- Week 1

From this......

to this. Are you up for the challenge?

I thought I would give anyone who really cares (don’t all raise your hands at once now!) an update on how our little pantry project is progressing along.  As it turns out, we were right: there will be no luxurious pantry space for us in the new Boston apartment, so time is of the essence!  As I mentioned in our last post, we have been busy busy busy eating ourselves out of house and home.

Not only am I working with what I’ve got, which cuts down on the grocery bill, but I’m getting pretty creative, and not in a “cheez it and pea casserole” kind of way.  Here are a few of the recent meals we’ve cooked up using pantry, fridge and freezer items:

1. Angel hair pasta with Bertoli vineyard inspirations sauce, sauteed onions and purdue short cuts roast chicken (a mama must have, you will recall) with a balsamic glaze

2. Chicken quesadillas with black bean dip, onion, red and green peppers.

3. Roasted chicken with Stove Top stuffing and candied yams (this was our favorite- like Boston Market but better!)

4. Turkey and cranberry sandwiches on mini croissant

Sure, I’m not going to win Top Chef anytime soon, but hey, I’m giving it the ol’ college try.  Have you ever tried to use only what you had on hand to create a meal? How did it go?  Do tell!


One thought on “Pant(r)y Raid: Update- Week 1

  1. I think a can of cream of chicken soup added to anything = a good casserole. Oh did I say good? I meant gross. I am not good at improvising meals with things I have on-hand. Yours actually sound really good!

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