And we shall call it…..the Nurfice

Nurfice: (n) Contraction of the words Nursery and Office or Den.  Synonyms: Offisery, Nurden. Trademark: me.

We are facing a little dilemma here at Casa de Despot. Since we are losing a room we find to be essential with our move to Boston, we need to get smart with our space.  We are considering a Nurfice. Yes,you guessed right! That is a made up word to describe the combination of spaces formerly known as the nursery, and the office.

We need a space to act as an office, den, playroom and nursery. Oh and did I mention it is the through-way to the terrace?

Here are the things we need to co-exist in the new space: our desk for one. We own the Bedford desk from Pottery Barn. If you are considering this desk for your own home office, I highly recommend. Lots of storage for files and office items, and it is modular, so you can build on to it.  Plus, it’s pretty classic and not too industrial, so we are hoping it will incorporate well with other furniture.

Now, let’s move onto the den/playroom aspect and add a little storage. The next item we need to add to the room will be our favorite shelving unit from Ikea- the Billy bookcases.

You know we loved these in our living room, but we are thinking that for the nurfice, we will go for the short stack, as I like to call it- keep it at the three shelf level and add the doors to hide the things we need to store.  On top of the shelves, we can place a tv- this space will be able to function as a den of sorts, so we need ample storage and space to host both entertainment items for adults, like games and xboxes, and entertainment for little despots, like books, toys, and stuffed animals (or friends as the despot refers to them).

So we have places to work and play. But what about the despot? Where oh where to put the despot for his dreamy time?  Luckily, his crib is nice and slim and on wheels, so wherever we need it to be, it can go.  It is not a fixed piece of furniture like the shelves or desk, so we can work it into the space. Hopefully, it won’t look too odd, but we have to work with what we’ve got, right?

Lastly, we would like to use the room as a walk through to the terrace, since our bedroom will be a bit tight for guests to meander through. So we got to thinking, when we are using the space as an office or playroom and need a little more room, we can wheel the crib into the closet, right? Could we take it even further? I mean, I like this “baby in the closet” in theory, but not for my little despot. He wouldn’t have it.

No one puts baby in the closet. Or do they?

Ah, decisions, decisions.  Got any advice or guidance?


2 thoughts on “And we shall call it…..the Nurfice

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