Paper Mates

I have a friend named Erin.  When we met, we became the kind of instant friends you don’t want to be around. We are that annoying.  Just ask our hubbies. We got together for lunch today, and did a little shopping afterwards.

Erin and her husband moved this year to one of those gorgeous homes you think you will eventually buy when you grow up.  Except that we are grown ups now, and she owns the house and we are going to be renters again.  Think I’m jealous? Of course I am- I’m no saint.  But I love Erin because she loves my style.  And I love hers. So shopping at my favorite store downtown can be somewhat dangerous.

Le Village Marche is my hands-down favorite store in Shirlington, VA.  It is going to be one of those places I will really miss. I hope I can find a suitable replacement with as much personality.  Everytime I go in there, my debit card takes a hit, and I feel like I’ve taken a hit of the good stuff- it makes me that happy.

So of course I had to take my bestie to check out their wares. And I was not disappointed in her reaction. We parked the little guys in their stroller and insanity commenced.

A project I really want to take on is taking these great pieces of wrapping paper and framing them for a children’s room.  Luckily, Erin has a playroom in her basement- a perfect location for them.  Just take these (at $4 a pop):

Nice, right?

Bonjour, Amour!

And add a dash of this:

That’s gonna be some fine looking art for their basement.  Love it. I hinted at a little project before on this blog that needs to wait until our move, but in the meantime, have you ever done an art project like this? Do tell!


One thought on “Paper Mates

  1. Ummm, obvio this is my favorite post….but ok, I’m bias. You forgot to mention the fact that you bought me AMAZING placemats and matching napkins… are the most generous friend ever!

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