Before and After [with books]

I was just viewing a house tour on Apartment Therapy that really appealed to my aesthetic. To be fair, it would appeal to anyone’s aesthetic since it is a totally gorgeous and smart design.  The owner of a small narrow condo (sound familiar?) used built in bookshelves to take advantage of his space- the end result being cozy as well as spacious all at the same time.  It’s stunning.  See what I’m talking about?



Are you dying? I myself am dead. It is so perfect in every way to me.  Allow me to indulge myself a bit, would you?:


Please tell me..... can see a similarity? (please?)

It’s like its red-headed step-sister from Wal-Mart, right? Okay, that’s over with. Thanks guys. Moving right along…..

A good friend of mine just moved from a gorgeous rowhome to an apartment in Old City Philly.  They chose the same route as the architect above- build up, up, up!  They are true readers, so it perfectly works as form and function.  Take a look see:



I mean, the space is great to begin with, but I love how they made it extra cozy and it really reflects their personalities, which is the most important design rule.  Love it.


One thought on “Before and After [with books]

  1. you guys have good taste & your friends have good taste. I’ve got a thing, a major thing, for built in shelves. Oh and my bff just moved into an Old City apt this month too, but it looks NOTHING like that one.

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