Mama Must Haves- Food Edition

Of course I was going to do a food edition.  For someone who eats as much as I do, it would really be silly not to.

1. Cranberry cinnamon goat cheese

All Aboard for Yummy Town!


Gross, right? WRONG!  You are so wrong.  This stuff is a little trip to Yummy Town.  I like to put it on Carr’s Whole Wheat crackers, and the combination of salty, sweet along with the creamy and crunchy really work.  Try it. You won’t regret it.

2. Saltine Goldfish

When you are a new mom, you don’t get to eat…… period. Forget breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It’s snack time, all the time over here.  You know how you are supposed to feed goldfish a very specific amount or they will eat themselves to death?  That is kind of how I am, but with goldfish crackers, which is a bit weird, really.  They are super delicious.  Go out and buy a bag. I dare you not to eat yourself to death.

3. Perdue Short Cuts honey roasted chicken

Tastes like chicken!


Okay, confession time.  This is now a staple in pretty much every meal. I love this product.  Little pieces of chicken I can sprinkle onto a sandwich, into a quesadilla, or on top of pasta.  There is no limit to my creativity!!!  Though to be honest, sometimes I just eat the pieces straight outta the bag.  Don’t judge me.

4. Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper

AKA, Liquid Crack Cocaine


This is now limited to being just a special treat. Over the Christmas holiday, I was introduced to this at my parent’s house, which is totally random in its own right.  I drank it every day. Then I got home, went to the Target and purchased some for myself.  My bedtime started to creep later and later and I couldn’t figure out why.  That’s when I realized I was drinking this stuff which is chock full of caffeine and other chemicals that are delicious. And as addictive as crack. So now, I limit my intake to special occasions.

Anyway, add these onto your list for your daily Target trip. What, you don’t do a daily trip to Target?  And you call yourself an American?!


4 thoughts on “Mama Must Haves- Food Edition

  1. So, you gotta Tahget near the new pad?

    What? You don’t? Well, see, that’s why you shouldn’t move.

    (predicting the reply clearly I am)

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  3. I find cranberry cinnamon goat cheese to be absolutely disgusting. I love goat cheese, and thought this variation would be nifty. Nope. Gave it two tries (nearly retching after the second one), and decided to take it back or throw it out. I can’t taste the cheese, just the overpowering chunks of cranberry and too much cinnamon. Agree with you on the other stuff, though!

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