SkyMall and the World of Tomorrow

Yup, it’s a post about SkyMall. You know what I’m talking about.  That deliciously absurd catalog we all read on those long (or short) plane trips.  Yeah, I get a kick out of that catalog. Especially with products like “Bigfoot Garden Yeti Sculpture“. The best part about that product? It gets raves!! Check this out:


I'm thinking this would really work on the terrace


But seriously, I have to admit: while 30,000 feet in the air, a couple of the products from the SkyMall catalog piqued my interest.  Kase and I were having a discussion regarding the stairs at our new place- mainly, walking up and down with the despot in arms.  Would it be a bit dangerous? The stairs are wooden and a bit slick.  But what have we here, SkyMall?  Let’s take a look see:

Vista Stair Treads from SkyMall!  A nice temporary solution to our little dilemma.  Sold!  Well, not quite yet, but now we know where to find such a thing.  And here I was thinking I would just hot glue some rug remnants to the stairs and feign ignorance with the management office.  Sweet! I love a nice, simple, lease abiding solution.

Another issue we are facing with our move is a lack of space for guests.  Currently, we have a pull out sleeper in our sunroom.  That puppy won’t be making the move.  What to do?  While Kase and I are happy to kick it on an air mattress on the floor while we wait for our furniture to arrive, we like to treat our guests (Read: Grammy) with a little more hospitality.  Oh, SkyMall. You are the sweetest. What have you got for me now?

The Essential EZ Beds!  Dudes, this is like an pack n’ play for big people! But for real, this is pretty sweet, no? It all folds back into a little suitcase type contraption and can fit into the hall closet. Me thinks Grammy would approve.  Much better than that twin we had her on.  Now she can bring the little despot into bed with her when he wakes up at 5am while Kase and I sleep in.  I kid, I kid…..unless she’s up for it.

So what do you think?  Have any guilty pleasure SkyMall items?  Have you ever ordered anything from them? Color me addicted!


One thought on “SkyMall and the World of Tomorrow

  1. I think a little painted flowers and smiling faces on the stair thingys would be the perfect touch! are you selling chair in sunroom?? we might be in the market….let a sista know!

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