Well, we are back from Boston and have a new place!  While it’s big on charm, oh, my friends, it is small on space.  Time for this family to downsize!

Let me give you a little tour, not that you asked for one. This place has a really unique floor plan.  It’s a penthouse unit, taking up the 5th and 6th floors of an historic 100 year old building in Boston’s Back Bay.  I loved the area and surrounding streets.  It appears totally residential while being one block away from everything my family could want or need.  When you walk in, you are taken by the wall of windows which overlook the surrounding buildings. It gets great light.  The kitchen is a galley kitchen, but has brand spanking new appliances and granite countertops, along with those cool self closing cabinets (all 6 of them).  Next to the kitchen is a half bath, with carrarra marble sink.  Love it!  And did I mention the working fireplace?  That’s where it’s at, homies.

So let’s go downstairs, shall we?  Oh, hello full bath.  Love your marble as well.  Looking spiffy.  We have a stacked washer dryer unit, which is a sad little necessity with a despot blowing out diapers on the regular.  And then there are the bedrooms.  An apt desciption, as they will fit a bed.  And…..yeah. That’s it.  Just a bed.  But each bedroom has a door to the patio- oh yes.  The patio.  It’s great.  And really adds a nice space to the unit.  We can’t wait to use it. My mother in law has already promised to buy us a grill as a housewarming pressie. She’s awesome like that. Kase and I have never had our own outdoor space before- can you believe it? I am sure the despot will love it too.

So we are very excited, but I am just stumped on how to make our current furniture work in the main living room.  Ack!  Help me out here, people.  How do I make this work? Here is what we’ve come up with so far:

– We could opt to replace our wooden rectangular table with a glass circular table to open up the room visually.

– Placement of couch along the main path to the stairs- opens up the windows to allow people to enjoy the view.

-Our flat screen television will be mounted above the fireplace.

-Ottoman currently acting as coffee table? Stay or go?

Thoughts? Would you switch the sofa with the chair placement? Any other suggestions? Let em rip!

Floor plan - 2 dimensional

Floor Plan- 3D (no, you don't need special glasses)

*we did just a rough approximation of the door placements to the entry way, kitchen, 1/2 bath and stairwell, but for the most part, these are accurate.


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