Rain, Rain, Go Away

I seriously hate rain. I don’t care if it rains when it is warm or cold, I don’t like the stuff.  Guess where it rains a lot?  Yup, my new hometown.  In fact, the last two times I visited? It rained. A lot.  It sucked.  But my lobster roll at Neptune Oyster was good, and they had a fireplace, so I got dry in no time. Anyway….

It was time for a little spring online shopping at my dear old standby- Old Navy. Want to see what I put in my bag, in preparation for the big move and springtime in Boston? Okey dokey!

Old Navy Tasseled Tote

I am feeling this Balenciaga imposter. I don’t like to spend a lot on bags since I like to change them out pretty often, but I think this one is cute and can hold some diapers. Sweets.

Old Navy Rubber Rain Boots

Yeah, I know. I am loving the army green. I like a theme. Sue me. But trust me, after my last experience up in Beantown, these puppies are a must.  That place can flash flood like no other.

Old Navy Button Front Trench

Ah, the classic. I want to be able to pull this off.  Let’s cross our fingers. I convinced my girlfriend to buy this last year, and have been a wee bit jealous I didn’t pull the trigger myself. Ain’t no thang- that puppy is in the mail!


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