Pant(r)y Raid

I love “blizzard” warnings in Virginia, like there is such a thing.  Well, okay, there was “Snowpocalypse” last year, but that’s how Colin came to be, so I can’t hate.   What I love most about any sort of snow warning down here in VA is the absolute panic which seems to sweep the area. Not unlike the salt trucks that salt completely clear and dry roads, it begins just a tad too early to be productive.

I actually wasn’t aware we were supposed to be getting much snow, as my main conversational companion never told me (he actually can’t speak yet).  We don’t watch a ton of TV during the day, so I wasn’t warned.  But once I heard, I took a look at our food reserves.  And let me tell you; we’d be fine. Just fine. Again, please don’t call Hoarders. I have it under control.

Mmmm, Cheez-It casserole, anyone?

There’s a strong chance we can’t take our entire pantry with us to Boston- I fear we won’t have the luxury of an entire closet devoted to cheez-its, dog food, eight boxes of honey bunches of oats, and stove top stuffing. Not cool. Virginia: 1. Boston: 0.  So that leaves us to deplete our reserves.

I am going to try and stick to using only pantry, freezer and refrigerator items for the next three weeks- see how much we can eat ourselves out of house and home.  I’ll allow myself to purchase fresh protein like chicken, fish or beef, but I think we can do this. I’ll keep you posted.  Popcorn counts as a meal, right?


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