Mama Must Haves- Tech Edition

Yup, I’m going there- the mom post.  But this one involves gadgets, so bear with me, would ya? And no, this isn’t a post sponsored by Apple.  We are just whores for that stuff.  Though, we are happy to be paid whores for that stuff.  Just sayin’.


I am one of those annoying people that will tell you I didn’t know how I used to live without one of these. Kase tried to get me to buy one for a long time, but I barely ever use my mobile, so I was always on a no-contract plan, which worked really well financially.  But then my mom received an iphone for Christmas last year.  Wuck?!

My mom is the least tech savvy person alive. I love her, but she is.  So to witness my mother sending texts and surfing the internet on her cool new phone made me a tad green with envy.  Kase was more than happy to bring me to the Apple store to sign up for a phone plan.  And I’ve never had any regrets.  Especially since the little man came along. I have caught his first smile on my camera as well as his Oscar worthy tantrums since I always have it handy.  You can’t put a price on that.  LOVE.

MacBook Air

Merry Christmas to us! We gifted ourselves this for Christmas this year.  We actually skyped on Christmas Eve with Kase’s mother to open presents with Colin. It worked really well.  Now, I am inseparable from this laptop. It is so much easier to find time to respond to emails, blog, surf the internet, etc. from the comfort of my couch.  I can use it while holding Colin, too, which is awesome. More than that, it connects to all of our Apple products, like our desktop, which is how I can download all the photos I take. I don’t know how that works, but Kase could tell you.  God love that nerd.

Amazon Kindle

I bought this for myself last Christmas, before our big trip to Paris. I am a big reader, so it saved me a ton of space in my luggage.  Best present to myself, ever! I read about 7 books while in Paris.  It was awesome. True story- I actually broke my first Kindle. It just froze one day and never started up again. My blood pressure may have spiked slightly.  No worries, though- Amazon sent me a replacement overnight. Boo-ya!  Normalcy resumed.

After having Colin, I truly appreciate being able to read one handed.  It’s super easy and nice to read while he naps.  I love my Kindle. I like to think Amazon’s number one best selling product is largely due to my poolside recommendations this past summer. Amazon, you are welcome.


4 thoughts on “Mama Must Haves- Tech Edition

  1. I am totally in need of all of this. But we are so technologically backwards that I probably won’t get any of them for at least another 2 years. I am really a very old lady.

    And books? Oh books, I remember you. I’ve been “reading” the same book since before I went into labor in August. Meh.

  2. You can totally read books again with a kindle! I swear- it is all about being able to buy a book straight from the couch and read it one handed. Though I admit, I just fell asleep while holding the baby and attempting to read a new book. It’s almost TOO easy.

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