I want to go to there.

In the winter months, I often find myself planning my escape.  Relax, I am not abandoning my family.  I just like to start thinking ahead to the summer and our upcoming vacation.

Kase and I have been pretty fortunate- we’ve traveled to some pretty cool places and have done a lot of cool things. Swam with sharks in Belize, learned to surf in Costa Rica, lost a wedding ring in the Bahamas, rang in the new year with a bunch of Italians in Paris. You know, the usual. But where to go next? We’ve got the kiddo, so we have to put certain plans on hold.

The next place I want to go: Nantucket. I’ve never been.  My parents actually spent their honeymoon there.  I want to go to here:

Has anyone ever been to Nantucket? I like its proximity to Boston (and to Grammy, who maybe could watch the little despot?). Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “I want to go to there.

  1. I’ve been to Nantucket. I prefer Martha’s Vineyard or Cape Cod. Maybe that’s because I spent a week in Nantucket with my ex-wife and her family. I got a wicked sunburn the first day we were there–on purpose, so I could stay in bed. The burn was less painful than my in-laws.

  2. Hahaha, I don’t know Bruce but that’s what I’d call a BURNNNN. Sorry, Bruce. But, Kate, don’t listen to him.

    I’ve been a couple times but we always stay on a boat in the harbor, go figure. The White Elephant looks awesome. Depending on when you go and how long you stay you could also think about renting a house. Regardless of your accommodations, YOU will enjoy Nantucket very much.


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