To Market We Go!

With our move imminent, we met with the realtor yesterday and are putting our place on the market.  Excuse me one moment, would you?


Enter Staging.  Do you watch HGTV?  You should.  If you don’t, I’ll explain the concept of staging:  Make your house look as generic and stylish as possible so that people don’t realize who (if anyone) actually lives there (like, I don’t know, a TV addict homebody). What you want is your potential buyer to see him or herself there, and not even acknowledge that the home has a current owner (with pets, and an infant).

Without further ado,  I present to you the pillars of staging, courtesy of HGTV:

Bye, Bye Clutter

I got this one on lock.  I hate the clutter.  We have very little. For this, I give us an A+.

Musical Furniture

Amateurs!  As my storage unit attests, I love myself some musical furniture. Not to toot my own horn, but, BEEP BEEP.  Grade: A+

Room Transformations

If you have a room that serves only to gather junk, repurpose it into something that will add to the value of your home.   See our sunroom transformation- sure, it can be used as a sitting room, but we also put our desk and computer out there, giving possible interested buyers an additional use for the room. And luckily Colin came along just in time to give our junk room a purpose. Grade: A-.

Neutral and Appealing

Perhaps I am in the minority, but what is the problem with builder beige exactly? Am I missing something? It goes with everything! Here is a prime example of laziness getting you everywhere in life. Also, do we need any more reason to outlaw leopard print furniture? Grade:  A.

Now let’s get this mother SOLD!


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