Mmm, emotional eating.

I love to eat, but even moreso when I am feeling stressed out, which can be often when you are responsible for keeping a miniature human alive.  I think Oprah calls this “emotional eating”. Whatever. I’ve lost the baby weight, but with absolutely no help from suggestive (that’s right, you little minx) recipes like this one featured on one of my favorite foodie blogs.  I really need to stop reading that blog if I am gonna keep “forgetting” to go to the gym.

With the move in the works, I find I am feeling a wee bit stressy. So obviously, I am going to run to the store, purchase the closest equivalent to a bundt cake pan I can find, some pecans and chocolate chips and drive my fat ass back home and whip this up.  Only  pecan chocolate chip sour cream bundt cake can cure stressy. Now, I suggest you avert your eyes. Things are gonna get ugly.


One thought on “Mmm, emotional eating.

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