“I’m leaving this whole town in my rear view”

That’s a line from “The Town” featuring JON HAMM (oh, and Ben Affleck too, I suppose).  Have you seen that movie? It’s way good.  I recommend.

After watching it, though, I wouldn’t say it leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth about the city of Boston and its outlying suburbs, such as Charlestown, where the movie is based.

Which is why it’s ironic that not even one week after viewing that movie, with its horrible accents and depressing scenery that we find ourselves moving.  Where else? Boston, baby.  Yup, we’re leaving this whole town in our rear view.

I’ve done some research on where to live, but we are still clueless.  Part of it is that Virginia, with its never-ending construction of new condos and apartments, has spoiled us.  Granite, hardwood, stainless steel are now de rigueur and older buildings are even renovated to keep up.

We aren’t familiar with the neighborhoods and we are having trouble finding something similar to where we live now. It’s overwhelming moving to a city you are completely unfamiliar with. Where should you live if you want to be able to walk to the best stores, restaurants, etc?

Boston is a beautiful older city kind of like New York, if you want to live there, you’ll pay.  And we want to live there. So we’ll pay.  But where? Anyone have any advice for us?


2 thoughts on ““I’m leaving this whole town in my rear view”

  1. I emailed a couple of friends from Boston to see what advice they’d give. One thing’s for sure: We’ll come visit during baseball season. I made my first pilgrimage to Fenway last summer, and I loved it. —Bruce

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