I’m not a hoarder. I just have SADs.

This is not our storage unit.

If you are anything like me (though you probably aren’t as I have been told I am one of a kind, and sometimes not in a good way) for every season, there is a turn. Or in my case, an overhaul.

Let me explain: I get the SADs.  Seasonal Affective Disorder for those of you not familiar with the shorthand. Luckily, my SADs is very specific- it is directly related to home decor, namely rugs and decorative accessories*.

In the spring and summer, I love bright colors, punchy accessories and an airy look about the house.  However, come the fall, I love muted tones and warm cozy surroundings. This has resulted in us owning no fewer than 5 area rugs for our living and sun rooms. Waste not, want not,  so I switch it up.

Since my husband knows that every three months I require a “re-do”, he kindly rolls up the rugs and stores them away. And unfortunately, my SADs can sometimes spiral out of control to include furniture, like desks (yes, plural), chairs and the occasional table here and there. But again, mostly rugs and accessories.

Now, with certain rugs and such “hibernating” during the winter months, our storage unit can appear as if we are prime candidates for an episode of Hoarders, a show with which I am only minorly obsessed (I have been known to yell at the television screen while dry heaving: “Lady, you have a fly strip hanging from the chandelier. You are trying to tell me you don’t see the flies?!”)  I like to visit our unit every other season and go “shopping”.  There is no cheaper way to redecorate than to “shop” from among your own belongings.

This *is* our storage unit.

Stop judging. Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand: I found an recent article by Apartment Therapy interesting- all about redecorating on a budget. One of their tips was to “shop in your home”. Or in my case, storage unit.

*diagnosis by WebMD.

2 thoughts on “I’m not a hoarder. I just have SADs.

  1. That is an impressive lil store you got going! And I didn’t see any bags of human feces or cat skeletons so I’m not calling Hoarders on you anytime soon. My husband is OBSESSEd with that show too, he likes to call me in for the grossest (but best according to him) parts. I then head to the bathroom and vom.

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