Mine! All Mine! (er, ours)

We bought our condo a year and a half ago almost on a whim.  A friend of mine lived in the complex and I wanted to show Kase where she lived.  We ended up taking a tour of the model and put in an offer a week later.

It’s like they say: when you know, you know.  We loved the open floor plan, the kitchen with its stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. I for one loved the walk in closet with built ins.  And even though it was a first floor unit, the space got great light.

Once we moved in, we began to realize that while the floor plan and design of the model we toured worked well, we wanted to make our home work for us.  So we decided to switch things up a bit.  Would you like to take a virtual tour with me? Okay, off we go:

Sunroom (Before)

First, we designated the sunroom as our office.  As I’ve said before, if I can’t give myself the office with a view, that is pretty pathetic. And also why I hate self-reviews.  The sunroom also has a sofa/pull out twin bed for guests to sleep (now that our second bedroom is Colin’s room). And it is also the cat’s lounge area. For the smallest room in the house, it is pulling triple duty.

Sunroom (After)

In the model, the alcove in the main room was set up as an office.  Instead, that area became our dining space. We lived with this set up for a couple of dinner parties (read: a whopping two in one year) when we realized that it lacked the necessary light to truly host a friendly, rather than romantic, dinner party.

Alcove (Before)

We hired a contractor to come in and install a chandelier pendant above the dining table. It adds great light and really helps to define the space.

Alcove (after)

While we were at it (“it” being ordering chandeliers from overstock.com), we decided to swap out some of the builder grade light fixtures throughout the house. Since we had moved the dining space to the alcove, the original chandelier still hung in the entry space where the model unit displayed a table.  Kase showed off his handy-man, er, -ness by switching the basic chrome chandelier with the same drum chandelier that hangs above our dining room table, adding cohesiveness through the open floor plan.

Dining Room (Before)

Dining Room (After)

This also opened up the entry way and cut out the threat of decapitation-by-chandelier we had been experiencing when entering the area.

Entry (Before)

Entryway (After)

When we get on a roll, we can’t be stopped (Only our debit card can be denied!). Over the island, the frosted white teardrop pendant shades were replaced with beaded glass shades from Home Depot at $4 a pop.  Instant update that spoke to our personal style.

Island Pendant (Before) *Note to self- find that purse*

Island Pendant (After)

The living room area is a pretty narrow space. We chose to install a full wall of book and media shelving to take advantage of the space and also give us some much needed storage.

Living Room (Before)

Living Room (After)

Nothing too expensive, or permanent, but just enough change to make us feel like we’ve made our mark. Moral of the story: While it was super tempting to follow the model template, we needed to create our own living space that works for us and feels like us. We still have some more work to do, but we are happy that every space in our home has a purpose and is used by each member of our family.  Our style has definitely evolved over the years, but *this* finally feels like home.


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