Junk in that Trunk

"Welcome to my 'office'"

We have a dog and a cat. Don’t believe the hype about cats- they are not the cleaner species of the two. In fact, they are more high maintenance than their canine counterparts by a lot.  Case in point: Our cat has a prescription for Prozac.  Our dog does not.

Wait, maybe I should back up.  We brought home a little (human) addition to the family four months ago.  About three months ago, our cat lost it.  About one month ago, he was prescribed Prozac. Human Prozac. We banished him to the sunroom instead.

There were a few issues to tackle before we came to this decision.  Our sunroom doubles as our office. I am lucky enough to work from home and if I can’t even give myself the corner office with a window (or 6), then really, what good am I?  I don’t mind sharing the office with the cat; under normal circumstances he only deletes about half of my work per day. Not too bad, really.

The real problem: cats need a private place to do their “business”.  I wasn’t about to throw a litter box in the middle of the room and call it a day. We have french doors and floor to ceiling windows.  And I have eyes. That wouldn’t do.

So we headed off to the local Target.  We bought ourselves a nice storage trunk. And then we butchered it.

We cut a small opening in the side and placed a litter box inside.  We placed the trunk in the middle of the sunroom.  It looks like a small coffee table. It is pleasing to the eye.  And no one is the wiser that our cat pees in it.  Oh wait, I just ruined the secret.

I mean, would you rather have this:

"Designer" kitty litter pan

Or this:

If you own a cat (my condolences) and would like a nicer looking litter, pick up the following items and make your own:

Castela Trunk

Black and Decker Jigsaw

Anti-Tracking Mat

Litter Pan

Now please excuse Ninja.  He has some important business to attend to.

2 thoughts on “Junk in that Trunk

  1. I feel your pain. I just hate cats. There should be a public service announcement for anyone who is about to get a cat. DON’T. They are great as barn animals that keep out the rodents. They are awful house companions. Anything that has to defecate and urinate in the middle of my nice office (if I had one) is not welcome in my home.

  2. Enzymes, dear humans, digestive & systemic enzymes do wonders for the
    animals too, be it kitty’s litter stench or fido’s wet doggie scent !

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