Like my new digs?

Have you checked out HGTV’s Dream Home 2011? I want to go to there.  For realsies, I need one of these.  Especially the “Car Barn”.  Who doesn’t need a car barn is the more appropriate question.  I would totally enter to win, save for the whole pesky tax issue.  Unless they pay the taxes. Can someone get back to me on that?

I would actually live in the car barn, if asked. Just sayin’.  In fact, they should have a separate lottery just for the car barn. I can’t be the only viewer who would be willing to win the car barn. I love to say car barn.

I have small dreams, and one of those pesky little dreams is to own a home with a mudroom. A room devoted to mud, people.  Sure I have one now, but according to the condo floor plan, it’s the “entry way”. And just because I track mud into it, does not make it a mudroom. Tomato, tomahto.

Alright, so the dining room looks a little like a conference room at my office, but hey, I wouldn’t throw it out of bed. Just change out the chairs and the rug, and I would take it out on the town.

There are no words. It is better than Disney World. (Well, I am assuming here, as I have never been, but given the choice, I would book a plane ticket to Vermont over Florida for this.)

Oh how I love me some HGTV Dream Home!


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