Kid’s Play

I am working on a little DIY project for our bedroom to ring in the new year and have been on the hunt for plain white frames with a mat to hold an 8×10 picture.  I usually hit up Target or the like- you can’t usually beat their prices for simple home decor objects like frames, vases, etc.  So you can tell I was pleasantly surprised when after doing a little bit of surf research I discovered Pottery Barn’s plain gallery frames on sale for cheaper than the Target version I was eyeing.  PB always wins out in a draw so it goes without saying, I clicked on that little “add to bag” icon faster than you can say “cheapskate”.

But first, I got to thinking.  What about Pottery Barn Kids?  I am now more familiar with their wares since the little guy came along.  So I clicked over to their site and guess what I found?  Their gallery frames in white on sale for 6 bucks cheaper.  Can you tell any difference? I can’t.

Because I put the “Kate” in cheapskate,  click again did I, adding the plain white frames to my bag.  I was able to buy 2 more frames than originally planned, which means a nice master bedroom update and a future post in about 5-7 business days to clue you in!  Stay tuned!


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